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Portraits of Peel Online Database

Portraits of Peel Online Database provides concise, easy to follow information about the population of Peel Region. Official statistics on social and economic aspects of the population at the Regional, City, Neighbourhood and Forward Sortation Area (FSA) levels are presented. In addition, Portraits of Peel Online Database compares Peel to Ontario and Canada as a whole.

  • Data available on: total population, age, gender, immigrants, visible minorities, language, marital status, families, people living alone, home ownership, housing, education, employment, income and poverty.

  • Source of data: Statistics Canada: Census of Canada (1996, 2001, 2006 & 2011).
  • Geographical level of data:

    • City Level
      • Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon
    • Selected Neighbourhood Level
      • Mississauga (9 Neighbourhoods)
      • Brampton (4 Neighbourhoods)
      • Caledon (2 Neighbourhoods)
    • Selected Forward Sortation Area (FSA) Level
      -The first three characters of a postal code
      • Mississauga (19 FSAs)
      • Brampton (10 FSAs)
      • Caledon (3 FSAs)
      • Rural (3 FSAs)


    Notes for Users:

    • Users can search for an area of interest, by using the drop down menu provided and clicking on the area listed therein.

    • An area map has been provided for each portrait to allow the user to become familiar with the geographical area being covered. (Source of Map: Canada Post)

    • Please note that the 2006 Portraits of Peel is based on the 2001 neighbourhood boundaries.

    • For more detailed definitions of any of the mentioned subjects/variables, please see: Statistic’s Canada’s 2006 Census Dictionary.



Disclaimer: We have taken steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our data. However, there may still be inaccuracies and omissions present. If you notice an error or an omission, please contact us.